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Marmor Breca

Breca marble: Breca marble got its name after the Latin word “brecio” (broken). It consists of marble and limestone layers as well as reddish binding layers. Its basic colour is grey, with red hues. It is extremely resistant to wear and is suitable for use in all kinds of horizontal and vertical coverings.

Marmor Kristalno Beli

This is a marble with a crystalline appearance. It is white and interlaced with gentle black hues. It is resistant to wear and atmospheric conditions. It is widely used for interior coverings. In addition to its use in architecture, crystallino marble can also be used ground, and it is therefore an element of many kinds of building materials. As it is counted among the calcium carbonates due to its composition, it can be used for facades, paints and in other applications.

Marmor Roze

Roze marble: Roze marble is genuine marble with a fibrous appearance. It is used for all kinds of coverings. Its basic colour is red-pink with white strips. It is resistant to wear, pressure and bending, and used for all kinds of coverings.

Marmor Tamni Sopocani

Dark Sopoćani marble: This is a dark grey and indigo calcite marble. It is a very attractive material for interior use. Dark Sopoćani marble is one of the darker marbles.

Marmor Krute

Krute marble: Thanks to its appearance, in an architectural sense, Krute marble is a decorative rock. It comes in a beige colour and is very often used for interior coverings.