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The northern extension of the St. Ana hill into the Ljubljana Moors lowlands was housed many quarries. Various owners used them to extract the Podpeč limestone for various purposes.

One of these is also the Mineral’s quarry, where the largest portion of the Podpeč limestone in the 20. Century has been extracted. It is now designated as a natural monument.

Podpeč marble is dark grey and blackish – this gives it its nobleness and timeless beauty. It is often enhanced by white bivalve decorations. Many buildings in Ljubljana and the rest of central Slovenia have pedestals and various types of fences made from this stone.

In the Plečnik era, between the World Wars, Podpeč limestone was used in the most distinguished monuments – from churches to the National and University Library in Ljubljana.

Currently, Podpeč limestone is used only for restoration work (restoration of decayed and destroyed structures), with permission of suitable state institutions.